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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 5 months ago

Why does this game have a GM?


Three reasons.


1) Because someone needs to describe the world ("don't skimp" is what the final text is going to say), start scenes, end scenes, intercut scenes - intercutting scenes is wicked important - and finally call the session done. Someone, in other words, is in charge of pacing, and that person needs to see the conflicts and events in the game from a more removed position than everyone else.


2) Because every PC is, potentially, a recurring character. Not every character in a chapter, however, deserves to be a potentially recurring character. Someone has to play the characters who don't matter.


3) Because if everyone's playing the same game, adversity will tend toward the middle - no one will want to be the harshest, no one will want to be the easiest. Putting one player in charge of being harsh gives the game its teeth.


Here's a rule you'll like, though, that I meant to include in the documents but failed to. Beginning with the third chapter, you can rotate GM players. Every chapter, you need someone to do those three things, but no reason on earth they need to be the same person from chapter to chapter. The only restriction is that in any given chapter the player whose character tops the "we owe" list can't be the GM player.


(It starts with the third chapter to give everyone a chance to develop a shared vision. Lots starts with the third chapter, you'll notice.)

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